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 A Word from Pastor Ben Tabbal:

We are going on a journey at the beginning of 2022 as a start our new Cell Group season.  The journey is to have a better understanding of the Bible.  

Before you pass this off as too basic or too daunting.  I also didn’t think I needed to read this book.  Quite honestly, with many years as a Christian, got my Master of Divinity from Talbot Seminary, and doing my SOAP devotions for many years running; why go back to some basics.  However, reading this book, watching the videos, and doing the exercises, I learned a LOT from this book.  I say all this to stress the fact that this book is appropriate for both the new Believer and the mature Believer - for the scholar and for the person who's never in their life taken a class on anything Bible-related.

Pastor Steve recommends this book and I am now a fan!  It was fun (yes it still has studying involved), easy, yet engaging.  Join us as we do a 12-week sermon series during our Sunday Services and 6 weeks in cell groups of watching the author Max Anders give us a short overview of the Bible.

From the Author Max Anders:

“Many years ago, I decided I was going to master the Bible. I was going to begin with Genesis and read through Revelation, and I wasn’t going to put it down until I understood it. I soon became hopelessly entangled in a jungle of fantastic stories, unpronounceable names, broken plots, unanswered questions, and endless genealogies. I stubbed my toe on Leviticus, sprained my ankle on Job, hit my head on Ecclesiastes, and fell headlong into the mud on Habakkuk.
I was defeated. I threw my Bible down, concluding that the Bible was a series of unrelated stories put together in random order!

The one day I discovered a key. With this key, the fog that enshrouded my understanding of the Bible began to lift. Not that things came into sharp focus, but at least I began to see shapes on the horizon.

The key: Learning the structure of the Bible. If you want to learn architecture, you must first learn how the buildings are put together. If you want to learn sailing, you must first learn how ships are put together. And if you want to learn to understand the Bible, you must first learn how the Bible is put together.”


6-Week Video and Study Notes & Questions

  • Cell Group Video Link: or StudyGateway app (Shepherds have login information) 
  • Cell Group Notes & Study Questions
  • Recommended Reading Schedule with 6-week Video study(Schedule based on reading AFTER watching video session)
    • Session 1 – An Overview of the Bible
      * Read Chapters 1-4
    • Session 2 – The Early History of Israel (Patriarch – Kingdom Eras)
      * Read Chapters 5-9
    • Session 3 – The Later History of Israel (Exile-Silence)
      * Read Chapters 10-14
    • Session 4 – The History of the Church (Gospel-Missions Era)
      * Read Chapters 15-19
    • Session 5 – The Great Doctrines: The Bible, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Angels
      * Read Chapters 20-25
    • Session 6 – The Great Doctrines: Man, Sin, Salvation, the Church, and Future Things
      * Read Chapters 26-30
12-Week Sermon Series with Study Notes

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