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Regarding Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is the parent’s act of commitment before God to raise their child in the Lord. Just because a baby is dedicated, that does not ensure the child’s future salvation. However, parents are called to train up a child the best they can and trust that their training influences that child to God.

Baby dedication is a commitment that the parents make and not the child. It can almost be called “parent dedication.” And though it is not biblically mandated, we look upon Samuel’s consecrations by his mother Hannah as something we emulate (1 Samuel 1:19-28).

Baby Dedication is a way in which the child is introduced to the church family. The dedication is performed by the pastor as a representative of the congregation in a show of unity and prayer.

To Dedicate Your Baby

In order to better serve your family, we ask that you understand the following requirement and that you fill out the application and hand it into one of the pastors.

Because the commitment that the parent is making a definitive “Christian” commitment, we ask that both parents have personally received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Please note that membership is NOT a requirement for baby dedication.

(In the case that one parent is not a believer but is still supportive of their Christian spouse in making such a commitment, we ask that he/she participates as a passive supporter. A passive supporter does not make the commitment verbally or in writing but stands with their spouse as a supporter. We do not want anyone to say or sign commitments that they cannot do in good conscience. We hope that the church family can be a blessing to you and your child.)

Because of what baby dedication represents, we ask that as a parent, you can make the baby dedication commitment with good conscience.


1.  You are required to take a Baby Dedication Class a week prior to the ceremony with the Family Life Pastor, Chris Chi.

Please register here.

2.  Submit your fully completed application and a baby picture (in portrait orientation) to EJ Park by the Monday after the Baby Dedication Class. Baby Dedication Application – (Word Format or PDF Format). 

3.  Arrive at 9:00 AM on the morning of the Baby Dedication Sunday:

  • Will have a brief orientation of the ceremony
  • Your child and yourselves dressed neatly
  • Sign the baby dedication covenant
  • March 26
  • May 28
  • October 8
The Baby Dedication Commitment

As the father and mother of NAME OF CHILD born DATE OF BIRTH we make a commitment to raise our son/daughter in the fear of the Lord on this day DATE OF DEDICATION.

We promise that we will strive to provide a Christian environment in our home through the things that we do, the words that we speak, the attitudes that we carry, the values that we hold, and the love that we display. We will strive to provide a home where Christ is modeled and worshipped.

We promise that we will strive to give our child godly instruction, discipline, and guidance so that he/she would learn to love and obey God. We will always provide this training with an attitude of love and gentleness and not with overbearance.

We promise that we will strive to try our best to give to the Lord our unwavering commitment to raise our child with the knowledge that he/she is first and foremost the creation and child of our heavenly Father. And if God sees it fit to call and use him/her for His service, we promise to support and pray for him/her with gladness.

Furthermore, knowing our own limitations and frail humanity, we promise to call upon the omnipotent and omniscient God through diligent prayer to provide constant protection and intervention in times of need. May God help us to be the godly parents we need to be.