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Current book study:

Caring for One Another: 8 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

by Edward T. Welch
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Small Book, Big Impact

Caring for One Another is a small book with significant impact. For anyone interested in bringing Biblical care to others, this book is a helpful study guide. In our Cell Groups it will help foster discussion of and application to real-life struggles. 

How are the Cell Groups using the book

The lessons are short but deep in content. We encourage everyone to read a short chapter and think through the discussion questions before each Cell Group. We have supplemented each group with a Study Guide to address our current situation of the pandemic.  

This book is an excellent way to introduce Living Hope to deeper one-another care without calling it “counseling.” Welch lays a Biblical foundation for caring for fellow believers and the lessons are designed to hep shape the culture of the church so the care of others are a natural part of the church community life.

Welch ends the lessons with important reminders for all of us, as we are all called to care for one another in gospel-centered relationships.

Caring for One Another has identified ordinary features of person-to-person engagement. There is nothing new here. The purpose has been to remember and live out applications of the gospel of Jesus Christ” (p. 67).

For those who already engage in the care of others, this is a good refresher study. For those who are new to this idea, it is an excellent start.

Can I get a copy of the book

Caring for One Another books can be picked up after each Sunday Service from the Cell Group Table located in the rear parking lot until Jan. 24. Books can also be picked up during the week or home mailing can be requested until Feb. 7. Please contact Pastor Ben Tabbal with any questions. 

 How do I sign up for a Cell Group?

Signing up for a Cell Group is very easy. Click here and fill out your information.  A Cell Group Coordinator will help you find the best group that will fit your season of life and people like you. Sign up today! 

Is there a Study Guide for Cell Groups?

Yes. There are questions in the book but our current life challenges of COVID has made it essential to open up conversations to help each other. There is a leader’s guide and participants guide for all the chapters. Click for the Participant's Study Guides.


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