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updated April 22, 2021
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We are offering both in-person and online services every Sunday so that the church can worship God wherever we may be best comfortable during the COVID Pandemic.



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Patio Outdoor Service

IMG_2098Our adult worship services are held in our Outdoor West Patio. This space is about 7,000 sq/feet (By way of comparison, an NBA basketball court is 4,700 sq/ft) and can accommodate 150-200 people social distanced depending on seating configuration. The Patio has been upgraded with a portable stage, modest sound system, and large video wall to enhance our worship. The State guidance allows us to sing and worship freely in this space. We ask worshippers to sit with family members or those who are of the same social pod.


Sanctuary Indoor Video Venue

IMG_2091For those who desire to be in a climate-controlled space, we open up our Indoor Sanctuary to participate in the worship occurring in the Patio. We request that those who worship indoor refrain from singing. 



Youth East Patio Outdoor Service

Youth serviceThe youth students (6th-12th grade) worship in the Outdoor East Patio. This space is also about 7,000 sq/ft. We set up chairs all in singles to encourage social distancing among students. We have set up a portable stage, modest sound system, and large TV. The students appreciate having their own space for worship. Immediately east of the East Patio is the East Parking area that we have enclosed with fencing and equipped with tents, tables and chairs. This allows for some safe socially distanced fellowship. Youth worship occurs on Sundays at 11:30 am.


Kids East Patio Outdoor Service

Kids serviceStarting Sunday, Feb. 7, all Kindergarten to 5th-grade children are invited to our 9:30 am Outdoor In-Person Service at our East Patio or Online through our Livestream. We will provide In-Person Small Groups (right after the sermon) as well as Online Zoom Small Groups at 10:30 AM (Kindergarten Online Zoom will be right after praise as usual). 

For those joining us outdoors, make sure to register via Eventbrite and wear a face mask upon arrival. Parents are asked to pick up their children at 10:30 am.


Little Kids

At the current time, we are not offering in-person programs for little kids (0-preschool). Parents are welcomed to bring their little kids to sit with them outdoor or indoor for service. We do offer online services for little kids.




church online


We offer all of the services online as well.

  • Adult services at 9:30 & 11:30
  • Catapult youth at 11:30
  • Kids (K-5th grade) at 9:30
  • Little Kids (2-preschool) at 10:45

Take a look at our Living Hope ONLINE page for the links. 

View previous services on our Living Hope Community Church YouTube Page




What is expected of me when I come in?
  • Wash/disinfect your hands upon entering
  • Keep your face covering on
  • Sit only with your own family or those whom you live with during worship
  • Refrain from singing if worshipping indoors
  • Keep social distance whenever possible
  • Congregate only in the outdoor patio
  • Leave premise within 30 minutes after completion of service
  • If you find out within 14 days of visiting the church that you have tested positive for Covid-19, please contact the church immediately
What should I know before I come?
  1. REGISTER for the service on Eventbrite to limit the crowd and keep record for contact tracing.
  2. CONFIRM that you 1) do not have a temperature above 100.4 Fahrenheit, 2) are not showing new or unusual cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, and 3) have not been openly exposed to someone with Covid-19 within the last 14 days.
What should I expect when I come on Sunday?
  1. ARRIVE EARLY so that you have time to check in.
  2. ENTER through the front or the East covered parking entrances.
  3. SANITIZE your hands with the touchless hand sanitizing kiosk.
  4. STAND in front of the temperature scanning kiosk to ensure that it is not higher than 100.4 degree Farenheit and please wear a MASK at all times.
  5. READ the requirements.
  6. CHECK-IN 
  7. FIND A SEAT in the Patio and sit in pods of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
  8. AFTER SERVICE, you may fellowship briefly in the outdoors spaces with social distancing and masks on
Do I have to register to attend in-person?

You do not have to pre-register to attend any of our in-person services. You do, however, need to register once you arrive so that we can have your information for contact tracing purposes. We do ask people to register on eventbrite so that we can reduce bottleneck on Sunday mornings. 

Will church meet outdoor in the case of inclement weather?

Both the Patio and the East Patio are covered and protected from rain. But in case of extreme weather (e.g. cold, driving rain, high wind), the kids and youth worship may be moved indoors (pending the state's current guidances).

Is the church following CDC and State Guidances?

Our elders and task force regularly study the guidances put out by the authorities and do our best to abide. These are some of the things we have done and are continuing to do:

Can youth groups, college, single adults, or cell groups meet?

At this present time, we are allowing the physical gathering at church for the purpose of worship, leadership, prayer/praise night, or volunteering. Social distancing, wearing of masks, and all safety protocols will be observed during their time on campus.

What should higher risk people do?

If you consider yourself “Higher Risk” for COVID-19, and would like to attend our service in-person please contact us so that we can make necessary accommodations. We would love to have you worship with us either online or in-person.



Instructions for Staff & Volunteers:

  • Check-In
    • We require everyone (staff, volunteers & congregants) to wear face-covering while they are on church premises unless they are in an enclosed space alone or with others of their household.
    • We require everyone to register their attendance prior to a worship service or register on paper when they arrive on campus for the purpose of contact tracing if necessary.
  • Worship
    • As Orange County is in the Orange Tier, we are able to hold indoor worship services at 50% capacity. However, we will hold most of our worship services outdoor either in the West Patio or East Patio (kids & youth). The following are our policies in regards to outdoor worship for adults.
      • Worshippers will sit socially distanced from one another at 6 feet unless they are of the same household or with other fully vaccinated people.
      • Baptism (performed by a vaccinated pastor), Communion (pre-packaged), Baby dedication (one family at a time, performed by a vaccinated pastor)
      • Speakers, singers, or dancers on stage may be unmasked if they are 12 feet away from the first row of the audience and 6 feet away from other masked performers.
    • Kids & youth also must be socially distanced from one another (6 feet) unless they are of the same household or fully immunized. 
  • Small-Group or Mid-Sized Gatherings
    • Small groups or mid-sized gatherings should be held outdoor if possible. It can be indoors if the space is large and well ventilated (e.g. main hall, common room, teaching room, chapel 1, chapel 2, etc.). The participants must be masked and be 3-4 feet apart from one another. 
    • Outdoor mid-size community (e.g. Catapult, R28), small group (e.g. cell) meetings at 3-4 feet.
  • Food
    • The church may provide cold beverages during meetings and worship. 
    • The church may serve meals to go. 
    • People may eat at church but should eat outdoor or in main hall.
    • The church will refrain from serving hot beverages at this time. 
    • We are not having all church meals on campus yet.
  • Dance performances & filming
    • Can be done unmasked if the performers are 6 feet from one another and the filming crew and if being done in outdoor or large indoor spaces.
  • Outside events
    • The church may open its facilities for outside events (e.g. weddings, etc.) if they abide by all of the policies that Living Hope has in place.
  • Filming
    • If filming (dance, speaking, etc.), the participants must keep the distancing policies as if they are in person. 
  • Kids
    • The church will follow similar protocols laid out by the CDC for schools
    • The church may begin Living Hope Little Kids ministry.
    • The church will encourage all staff and volunteers working with kids to be vaccinated.
  • Disinfecting & Fogging
    • According to CDD recommendations, we will cease fogging disinfecting on Sundays.
  • If fully vaccinated
    • Indoor meetings, meals, driving, less than social distancing