Missed a service? Watch our latest Sunday service! All in-person services are suspended.


When can I come to church to worship?

We will temporarily pause our in-person live worship services in accordance with the California Dept. of Public Healthy updates on July 13, 2020. We invite you to continue worshipping with us ONLINE by streaming our services through our Living Hope ONLINE page here

What should I know before I come?
  1. REGISTER for the service on Eventbrite to limit the crowd and keep record for contact tracing.
  2. CONFIRM that you 1) do not have a temperature above 100.4 Fahrenheit, 2) are not showing new or unusual cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, and 3) have not been openly exposed to someone with Covid-19 within the last 14 days.


What should I expect when I come on Sunday?
  1. ARRIVE EARLY so that you have time to check in.
  2. ENTER through the front or the East covered parking entrances.
  3. SANITIZE your hands with the touchless hand sanitizing kiosk.
  4. STAND in front of the temperature scanning kiosk to ensure that it is not higher than 100.4 degree Farenheit and that you are wearing a mask.
  5. READ the requirements.
  6. CHECK-IN with the welcoming team. If there is no attendant, please write your name on the check in list.
  7. FIND A SEAT the sanctuary and sit in pods of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
  8. REFRAIN FROM SINGING. (updated July 3)
  9. AFTER SERVICE, please go to the patio for fellowship with social distancing.
  10. EXIT from patio through the North gate or through the South playground.


What is expected of me when I come in?
  • Wash/disinfect your hands upon entering
  • Keep your face covering on
  • Sit only with your own family or those whom you live with during worship
  • Keep social distance whenever possible
  • Congregate only in the outdoor patio
  • Leave premise within 30 minutes after completion of service
  • If you find out within 14 days of visiting the church that you have tested positive for Covid-19, please contact the church immediately




Reopening Sequence

Read & watch the announcement regarding the reopening

Stage 1 – Stay at Home

The federal, state, county, everyone had advised all of us to stay home for our neighbors and our own good. We are grateful but were ready for the next stage.

Stage 2 – Dress Rehearsal

This is a period of time when we are implementing practices and culture to prepare for a transitional normal. We are implementing policies, purchasing equipment, and bringing up teams. 

Stage 3 – Transitional Normal
  • June 21st (3.1 Limited Opening) - We had a limited reopening for the public for worship. During this time, we will allow adults and kids (6th grade and older) to attend the adult worship service. 

But it is the Transitional Normal that we see as the interim end. It is a time when we live in a tension where we would practice abundance of caution with acceptable risk. That is what the world is doing. Even some of our medical professionals have advised that prolonged lockdown has medical dangers so we need to make progress. But we realize there are those who are still cautious. During this period, we will be committed to doing in personal worship as well as online worship during this transitional normal. 

Stage 4 – New Normal

We will be ready for a new normal when science has developed a vaccine, therapy or herd immunity… plus, time required for it to be widespread… plus, time for society to psychologically, emotionally get used to it. We think this is going to take a lot longer than what we want. And so the new normal won’t be for while.



What are some of the guiding principles that that Living Hope is following in its decision making? 

1. Include various voices in input

We included different voices from our elder board, our task force, and our pastoral staff comprised of people from medicine, law, law enforcement, education, college, business, and homemaking. They come from all walks of life including singles, married with young children, married with teenagers, and empty nesters.  

2. Start with the end in mind

We want to start with the end in mind (Transitional Normal). We don't want to look at this singular decision, but where is it that we want to get to. 

3. Acknowledge differences of conviction

We acknowledge differences of conviction: those who are extremely confident and want to come to church right now and those who are very concerned and want us to wait as long as possible. Both are a part of the church. 

4. Follow health guidelines

We are vigorously looking at the guidelines published by the CDC as well as California Department of Public Health on reopening and seeing how each line applies to us.

5. Begin with dress rehearsals 

We did not want go from nothing to fully opening but wanted to go through a series of dress rehearsals to refine our preparations, practices, contingencies and culture.



How is the church preparing to reopen?
  • Studying the recommendations by the CDC and the California Department of Public Health on how to safely open churches
  • Conducting a through cleaning and disinfecting
  • Modifying the space (e.g. sanctuary seats, floor markers, etc.) for social distancing
  • Purchasing equipment (thermal scanning kiosks, touchless hand sanitziers, etc.) to enable effecient and safe operations
  • Creating teams (e.g. production/streaming, welcoming safety, faciliies safety) to prepare for the transitional normal period
  • Creating policies, procedures, and contingency plans 
Are children (0-5th grade) allowed to come to church?

Children 5th grade and below are allowed to attend church to worship with their parents starting July. Children services will continue to be streamed online during the Transitional Normal Period. 


Are youth students allowed to come to church?

Youth students (6th-12th graders) will be allowed to attend Sunday service with parents or attend their own in-person youth service in Chapel 2 starting July 12. Youth students are also allowed on campus to volunteer if they are with their parents or under adult supervision. We will also continue to live stream Catapult services at 11:30AM.


Can youth groups, college, single adults, or cell groups meet?

At this present time, we allowing the physical gathering at church for the purpose of worship, leadership, or volunteering but not for fellowship.


What should higher risk people do?

If you consider yourself “Higher Risk” for COVID19, and would like to attend our service in-person please contact us so that we can make necessary accommodations. We would love to have you worship with us either on-line or in-person.


What can I come to now?

Currently, all of our services and meetings are held online only. Please check back for future updates.


Who is making decisions for us?
  • Task Force: Comprised of people from various backgrounds (medical, legal, education, law enforcement, etc.), life stages (married with young children, singles) and responsibilities at church. The Task Force will recommend & execute the reopening policies and practices.
  • Response Team: For real time decision making, we have created a Response Team (legal, medical, law enforcement, pastoral) to make real time decisions.
  • Elder Board: All policy & big picture decisions will ultimately be approved by the Elders.
  • Church Staff: The pastoral and administrative staff will initially assist in executing the reopening process.


Does the church need help?

We need help in three teams that we are forming. Please contact the team leads if you are interested & available.

  • Streaming & Productiong Team - Team Lead: Robby Jung
  • Facilities Safety Team - Team Lead: Sally Lee
  • Welcoming Safety Team - Team Lead: Peter Park


Are there any specific instructions for staff and volunteers?
  • All staff and volunteers should be trained by their supervisors on check-in, proper protocols, and contingencies.
  • If you are at the facilities during the week, please do a self check-in according to procedure.
  • Use open areas for meetings if possible.
  • If you are eating at the church, please practice social distancing and clean and disinfect your eating area after. 
  • You may provide individually packaged meals and bottled water for staff and volunteers during meetings. We discourage any kind of communal food. Please clean up after.
  • You may store your drinks and food in the upstairs kitchen counter and refrigerators if serving on campus for an extended period of time.