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Living Hope Community Church



This protocol outlines our current internal protocol for August 17, 2022. This supersedes any previous protocols.

Guiding principles:

  • Continue the mission of the church by providing options (outdoor, stream) and resources (masks, rapid tests),
  • Keep our practices as simple and consistent as possible (e.g. vaccinated/unvaccinated, boosted/unboosted, adults/youth),
  • Try to normalize practices as much as possible knowing that we have entered a period of continual change but with modest risks.

1. Quarantine or Isolation

We will follow a modified version of the CDPH HCP Guidance for Work to guide how we counsel our staff, volunteers, and members who have tested positive for or have been closely exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid. For staff and volunteers, if you are covid-positive or have been closely exposed, please communicate with your supervisor.

If test positive (day 0),

  • return to work or worship on day 6 if asymptomatic. No test is required.
  • return to work or worship on day 11 regardless of symptoms. No test is required.

If close exposure (day 0)

  • return to work or worship on day 1 if asymptomatic. Wear a mask for days 1-5.

2. Masks

Masks are optional throughout the campus (indoor and outdoor) for everyone regardless of age or vaccination status. We will continue to make masks available throughout the campus. 

3. Tests

A rapid test kit (2 tests) can be given to any Living Hope member, attendee, friend, family member, or anyone else in the community who is in need but is unable to get tested in a timely manner from their usual source (e.g. insurance, school, county, etc.). A staff member must approve any gift and must be recorded on the form in the reception office. Rapid tests should be made available for retreats.

4. Program

There will be no restrictions on the programs of the church. We will allow each ministry to exercise discretion understanding that there are different comfort levels, health risks, encumbrances, etc.

  • We will continue to stream our adult worship service and LH Kids worship services through the end of 2022.
  • Meals can be served normally through we prefer meals to be outdoors or in large spaces.