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We invite you to browse the list below to find a cell group near you and we would love for you to visit. Please write your preference in the form if you have one! 

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Brea 8


Peter & Matty Park

Fridays - 6:30PM

We are a group of tired, but thankful parents and their fun-loving kids, looking to fellowship and grow in the word of God.


Fullerton 1


Sam & Kathy Yeo

Fridays - 7:00PM

Our Homebuilders group is connected through the relationships built over the years and desire to journey further together. Some are seekers, others are veteran believers, but all are joined in this fellowship.

Fullerton 2


Enoch & Connie Choi | David & Anna Song

Fridays - 7:30PM

We are an outgoing, busy, tired, loving bunch of young and old folks eager to together to reflect about life and our relationship with Christ.

Fullerton 3


Daniel & Beth Kwon | Brian & Crissy Stearns

Thursdays - 8:00PM

Our group generally consists of 30-40 year-old HomeBuilders in the Fullerton area. Most of us have children between the ages of 0-8, though our group also includes some couples with no children.

Fullerton 4

Photo Aug 04, 12 53 13 PM

Daniel & Jeannie Lee | Chris & Susan Pak

Fridays - 7:30PM

We are a group trying to do life together. We strive to lift one another up through our down days and celebrate the triumphs on our good days! We live to eat, laugh and hang out!

Fullerton 5

Photo Aug 04, 11 00 54 AM

Eugene & Julia Kim | Ed & Jennie Chung

Sundays - 2:00PM