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We invite you to browse the list below to find a cell group near you and we would love for you to visit. Please write your preference in the form if you have one! 

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Yorba Linda 1


Mark & Kathy Lee | John & Susan Chung

Fridays - 7:00PM

Yorba Linda 2


John & Yoonie Chung

Fridays - 6:30PM

Yorba Linda 3


Young & Sally Lee

Fridays/Saturdays - 7:00PM

Yorba Linda 4

James & Alejandra Park

Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays - 7:00PM

Yorba Linda 6


Frank & Helen Yoon | David & Janet Ko

Sundays - 5:00PM

Yorba Linda 7


Peter & Lisa Cho

Fridays (Bi-Weekly) - 7:30PM