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We invite you to browse the list below to find a cell group near you and we would love for you to visit. Please write your preference in the form if you have one! 

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Yorba Linda 1


Mark & Kathy Lee | John & Susan Chung

Sundays - 5:00PM

Cohesive group of believers that want to grow together spiritually but have fun and eat well.

Yorba Linda 2


John & Yoonie Chung | Robert & Karen Kim

Fridays or Saturdays - 6:30PM

Eclectic, lively, gracefully aging, many different personalities, supportive.

Yorba Linda 3

Photo Aug 04, 11 15 55 AM

Frank & Helen Yoon

Fridays - 3:30PM

Yorba Linda 3 CG is comprised of families with mostly adult children living in Orange County.  Our goal is to develop Christ driven friendships by eating together, learning together, praying together and ultimately sharing our lives together.  Our CG motto is "Love God & Love others."

Yorba Linda 4

James & Alejandra Park

Fridays or Sundays - TBD

Our cell group loves to fellowship and hang out.  Most of our kids are in high school and a lot of them will be heading off to college this year.

Yorba Linda 7

no profile

Alvin & Amy Kim | Glen & Lisa Kim

Fridays- 7:00PM

We are a group of married couples who gather to fellowship and break bread together. We are busy with raising our children, but our common bond is our faith in Christ. 

Yorba Linda 9

Photo Aug 04, 11 05 00 AM

Steve & Sarah Shin | Ed & Jae Park

Saturdays- 6:30PM

Yorba Linda 9 is a group of generous families that enjoys fellowshipping together. The majority of children in the cell group are in early elementary and enjoy the beach, bike-riding, hiking, rollerblading, and writing plays. The adults love to share the joys and challenges of raising similar-aged kids. We've enjoyed growing together and look forward to deepening our relationships.