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Gentle and Lowly

How does this Gentle and Lowly book go along with our new series? 

The short answer: It’s a book to complement alongside the sermon series.  It’s all about getting a better and deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how he is and can be a real and present part of our lives every day.

How should we go through the book? 

You can read it on your own or do it in a group.  I’m adding a few videos if you need an overview of the chapters.  It’s a great book to get a deeper understanding of the heart of Christ.

Any suggestions on how to get the most from the book?

I thought anyone could just read a book, but I know some people want more direction to make the most of their time. So I decided to make a few short videos plus add a few questions that point to critical pages in the book you don’t want to miss. 


The chapters have been broken into 10 sessions:

The the following videos on YouTube will have the questions to help you find gems in the chapters.