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The purpose of the Living Hope Internship Program is to:

  • INSPIRE younger leaders to discern their ministry calling.
  • INFLUENCE young leaders to grow in character and competence as ministry leaders.
  • IMPRINT some of the best practices of Living Hope Community Church in young leaders.
  • IDENTIFY future partners in ministry.

Four tracks will provide overlapping but unique training, experience and mentorship appropriate for future pastors, youth directors, children’s directors and worship directors. 

  • PASTORAL TRACK - The pastoral track trains men to lead within the church as future pastors of adult ministry.
  • YOUTH MINISTRY TRACK - The youth ministry track trains men to work with youth students (6th-12th graders) in the local church through hands on ministry.
  • CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TRACK - The children’s ministry track trains men and women to work with children in the local church as volunteer or vocational children’s directors.
  • WORSHIP TRACK - The worship track trains men and women to serve as volunteer or vocational worship directors and pastors.

Pastoral mentors will personally mentor the intern. The mentor shall meet one-on-one with the intern at least once a month. The pastoral mentors are:

How To Apply

Check out our Internship Introduction for a more detailed description. 

To apply for the Living Hope Internship, please:

  • Complete the Internship Application and send to pastorsteve@livinghopecc.org.
  • There are limited spots and we will close application once the slot is filled.
  • Applications are due July 15, 2019 or until filled.
  • Have an interview with the pastoral mentor.

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