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updated May 2, 2022


Thank you so much for speaking at Living Hope Community. We know that God has sovereignly sent you to our church for a particular purpose. We will be praying for you.

Below is information that will be of help to you and us.


Please email the following to and by the due dates.

  1. Your short bio and photo for us to use for promotion purposes. Please send this as soon as the speaking engagement is confirmed.
  2. Sermon title, text, and one-sentence sermon idea (central proposition). This will help our worship ministry to prepare their praise set. Please send within the month of the speaking engagement.
  3. Sermon outline (if any for the sermon notes),  PowerPoint (if any, sized as a 16:9 ratio) and completed W-9 for the purpose of processing your honorarium. Please send prior to the Wednesday before the speaking engagement date.
  1. SERVICE TIMES – We have two services: 9:30 and 11:30 AM. The services are about 65-75 minutes long. 
  2. ARRIVAL – Please arrive at the church (1215 W. Lambert Road in Brea, CA) by no later than 8:45 AM. We will gather for a brief huddle in the living room at 9:00 AM before the 9:30 service.
  3. IN BETWEEN SERVICES - You may rest in our living room or one of the classroom upstairs.
  4. DRESS – Most of our Sunday speakers wear business casual for most Sundays.
  1. TOPIC – Unless stated otherwise, the topic of the message is usually determined by the speaker. Our past preaching schedule is available online.
  2. LENGTH – The normal preaching time is 30 minutes. There will be a clock on the back wall for the speaker to look at.
  3. LOCATION - Our adult services take place in the indoor sanctuary. The outside patio serves as a video venue.
  4. ONLINE – The services will be live-streamed on several platforms (church online, Youtube, and Facebook). We also post the service on youtube for later viewing. By virtue of speaking at Living Hope, you are granting us permission to do so.
  5. FOR NON-SUNDAY MESSAGES – Please speak to your point of contact for more information.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us:

  • Steve Chang (senior pastor), or 909-455-4495
  • Lena Kim (administrator), or 562-694-2100 (office)
  • Robby Jung (worship director), or 562-233-3233