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What are Cell Groups?

Cells are the lifeblood of the body and in the same way, we believe that cell groups are the lifeblood of the church.

Cell Groups are mid-week small group gatherings for food, fellowship, prayer and Christian study. We want our cell groups to multiply and grow in a healthy way. Cell Groups are led by shepherds and sorted by lifestage and location.


Why Cell Groups?

At Living Hope, we come together on Sunday but we also encourage everyone to gather in small groups during the week. These weekly meetings are the primary means through which the church grows as a community of believers and shares life. The purpose of these more intimate gatherings is to build Christ-driven, meaningful relationships.


How To Join A Cell Group 


There are three seasons of open enrollment to join a Cell Group.  Each season has a 3-week window where groups are formed.  This allows new people to FIND community and people in groups to BUILD relationships in Cell Groups.  At Living Hope, we have learned that it takes time for relationships to grow and foster trust.  Each group is allowed to build community each season.


Three Seasons:

Spring Session (Early February)

Summer Session (Late June)

Fall Session (Early September)


1) Join an ONGOING Cell Group

We invite you to browse the list of existing Cell Groups near you at the lower half of this page.  See if there is a Cell Group you are interested in.  Keep in mind the Open Enrollment seasons.

    Fill out the CELL GROUP INTEREST FORM so we can help you get started in a Cell Group.

2) Join other new people to make a New Cell Group


We also have a new groups for new people called FIRST CELL groups.  Many times, meeting people who are new to Living Hope is the best way to find community because they are also looking for community.  FIRST CELL will allow you to work on your personal walk with God and find new friends to encourage each other along the way.  Check out more information about joining your FIRST CELL group. 

 Click here to join a Cell Group today! 


Cell Group Spring Study Resources Page - Click Here
FIRST CELL - Click Here
Cell Group Leader's Resources - Click Here


Cell Group List 



Families (Homebuilders):

Homebuilders Cell Groups (Married Couples & Families)

Mix Cell Groups (Combined Singles, Couples, & Families)


Single Adults (Prime) and Mixed (Primers & Homebuilders):

Prime Cell Groups (Single Adults)

Mix Cell Groups (Combined Singles, Couples, & Families)


Additional Cell Groups by Ministry:

College (R28) Cell Groups

Youth (Catapult) Cell Groups


For the Shepherds:

Cell Group Shepherd's Resources