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Senior Pastor Succession

updated Novemer 22, 2023

On Sunday, November 5th of 2023, Pastor Steve Chang and the Elders announced that Living Hope would be entering a season of senior pastor succession. The 12-18 month process will require praying, listening/discerning, and searching for the next senior pastor who will lead our congregation. In God’s timing, Living Hope’s congregation will affirm and subsequently install our next senior pastor.

Here some important updates:

1. Pray with us

SPS - Prayer meetings

The Elder Board invites you to come and pray. During this time of transition, let's gather to pray for God's blessing, discernment, guidance, and clarity. We will be meeting in the teaching room at 8:30 am on December 24 (2023) & January 28 (2024). Please join us.

2. Get Involved

SPS - Volunteer Form

We are asking for members of Living Hope to volunteer for the Prayer Team, Transition Team, and Focus Groups. You may volunteer for more than one. As for the Search Team, we are asking for nominations. The “working teams” will work under the direction of the Elder Board. Please fill out this form by December 3, 2023 so that we can form the Prayer Team as soon as possible. We will take rolling volunteers & nominations until they are filled.

Senior Pastor Succession Volunteer Form

3. Take a look at the announcement, timeline, and FAQ

Watch the Announcement by Pastor Steve Chang & Elder David Park


LHCC Succession Schedule 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is Pastor Steve stepping down?
Pastor Steve is not stepping down for any moral, medical, or relational reasons. Pastor Steve felt that he could serve Living Hope and the broader church better by allowing space for a younger leader to step in and for him to pursue his fourth quarter calling to serve other churches and pastors. We agreed as elders.

Question: When will the succession process take place?
We hope it will take about a year for God to lead us to our next leader.

Question: Who will be the next pastor?
We don’t know. We are working to build a profile of what is needed in our next leader as we move to the future. We will ask the congregation to participate in some tasks to help us do that. We know we can trust you to join us in prayer and help us in the process as we move forward.

Question: Who will choose the next pastor?
The process will include receiving input from the church through the focus groups, vetting the candidates by the search team, and nominating the final candidate by the elder board. But ultimately, our bylaws state that a senior pastor must obtain 2/3 positive affirmation vote from the congregation. So the final decision sits with the members of Living Hope.

Question: How can I suggest a potential candidate?
When the time comes, we will explain the process through which candidates can apply.

Question: How will the search team be selected?
The Elder Board will ask for nominations soon and eventually name a small group of committed members by early January 2024. Please pray with us, that we select a group from across our congregation that will hold the best interests of our church as we look to God’s future for our church.

Question: How can members share opinions or thoughts during this process?
Please feel free to approach any of the elders or Pastor Steve with questions or thoughts. You may also email any one of us. Some responses may take some time, as thoughts and action plans are being developed.

Question: What will happen to the rest of the staff, elders, and deacons after the new senior pastor starts?
We anticipate that our leaders will keep serving our church and mission into the future.

Question: Will we join a denomination with the new senior pastor?
We are a non-denominational church at this time. We anticipate that this will continue into the foreseeable future.