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We invite you to browse the list below to find a cell group near you and we would love for you to visit. Please write your preference in the form if you have one! 

For more information regarding single & mixed cell groups, feel free to contact our Cell Groups Coordinator.

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Brea 3


Tim Lim | Rachel Cho

Wednesdays - 7:00PM

Intense but fun.

Brea 5


John Chau | Sue Nam

Thursdays - 7:00PM



Derek Wong | Alex Lee | Laura Clement 

Thursdays - 7:30PM

A group made of brothers and sisters around the Orange County area that enjoy hanging out, talking about random topics, and consistently meeting to share our lives with one another.

Los Angeles


Doo Lim | Kirsten Lee

Thursdays - 8:00PM

Hello from LA Cell Group! We are single adults of all ages who, despite our busy lives, come together to meet weekly to share and connect through Christ.

Yorba Linda 8


Cal Hudson | Erin Moon

Thursdays - 8:00PM 


Prime +

La Habra 1

Pak.Andy.Angie.2021 2

Andy and Angie Pak

 Fridays - 7:00PM

Our cell group is a very special group specifically and intentionally designed to be a safe place for those singles adults that are 29+ years old. Our hope and desire is that this group can be a place for you to belong during this rich season of life. We exist to encourage and spur one another on towards greater growth and intimacy with Jesus and one another.

Prime/Prime +

Brea 6


Harry Moon | April Park

Wednesdays - 7:30PM

Consistent group and everyone in the group has gotten very comfortable with each other. This is a welcoming and proactive single adult group.