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We invite you to browse the list below to find a cell group near you and we would love for you to visit. Please write your preference in the form if you have one! 

For more information regarding single & mixed cell groups, feel free to contact our Cell Groups Coordinator: Josh Lee

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Brea 5

Photo Aug 04, 1 02 10 PM

John Chau & Sue Nam

Thursdays - 7:00PM

Brea 6


Harry Lee 

Wednesdays - 7:00PM




Dereck Wong; Alex Lee; Kirsten Lee 

Thursdays - 7:00PM

La Mirada

Photo Aug 04, 11 01 43 AM

Mitch Comstock


Yorba Linda 8

Photo Aug 04, 11 18 50 AM

Chris & Gina Chi | Cal Hudson; Erin Moon

Wednesdays - 7:00PM